Welcome! I’m so glad you are here! Freedom And Inspirations is a travel and lifestyle blog focused on family-friendly travel in Northern California. It reflects my passion for local food/wine, culture, art, and family. Currently over 60,000 people visit this site per month. Click here for information about working together or email me at [email protected]

What can I do for you?

I want to help you have the best trip possible in Northern California! I focus on travel that looks beyond the regular to-do list and instead seeks out unique, out-of-the-way sights and experiences that build an understanding of a place and its people. I strive to bring you only high-quality stories to help you travel smarter and get more out of your travels.

What type of travel can you learn about here?

My travel perspective is informed by my multicultural family in Brazil, Indonesia, and here in the U.S.; my education in art history and linguistics; my reality of traveling with two kids; my love of my home state of California; and my undying passion for Europe, especially Italy. Whether about down-to-earth travel experiences with locals in Brazil or Renaissance frescoes in Florence, this blog looks at both the history/heritage (the old) and everyday life (the new) in the places I visit.

Here’s a little more background about me:

My life has always been about moving around and traveling. As a child of a military family, I lived all over the U.S., and later, when I was old enough to choose where I wanted to live, I kept moving. My love of traveling in other countries began in my teens and grew while earning a B.A. in art history and studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

One of my favorite experiences was living in the Czech Republic for one and a half years and traveling extensively in Europe in my early 20s. After that, I got a master’s degree in linguistics and began a rewarding career teaching English as a Second Language to immigrants in the United States. I love being surrounded by people from other countries.

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Brands I have worked with:

Michelin Green Guides, Vail Resorts, Lexus, Hyatt, Gallo Family Vineyards, Pier 39, KOA, Grand Pacific Resorts, Chase credit cards, Fetzer Vineyards, Tuesday Morning, Lodi Wine, Blundstones, Merrell, and many more

Freelance writing:

Besides blogging for more than six years, I work full time as a community college professor and freelance writer. I have been a regular contributor to Luxe Beat Mag, GoBrazil, and G Adventures’ The Looptail. You can see other examples of my work on AFAR, Westin Finds, National Geographic Newswatch, Travel Mindset, and Northstar California. You can learn more about me in this interview for AFAR Travel Magazine.

Samples of my work:

Tahoe Ascent

Luxurious Wines in Napa Valley: Classic Meets Modern at Hourglass Wines (on Luxe Beat Magazine)

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Tips for traveling with kids on G Adventures’ blog, The Looptail

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